You Have Been WARNED.

Laurel thinks she’s just a normal thirteen year old. But when her mother is kidnapped and a strange woman with green scars turns up on her doorstep, Laurel discovers that she is really a seedmage — she can control plants using magic — and that her mother can no longer protect her from the terrifying Nightshades that now roam the NY city streets.

Following her mother’s kidnapper, Laurel finds a hidden world known as The Kingdom Of Plants. A world where plants & imagination unite to create powerful magic and entire cities can grow from a single seed.

With the help of new-found friends, Laurel must learn to control her powers and save her mother from a mysterious enemy — one who seeks to twist the laws of nature and bring the Kingdom of Plants to its knees.

Enter a world where magic, and monsters grow where you least expect.


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The Kingdom Of Plants StackThe Kingdom Of Plants is about a young girl who can grow plants using magic.

The series is recommended for readers 10+ and anyone who loves plants, nature or magic.

Book One: The Curse Of the Nightshade
Out Now in ebook and paperback.

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Laurel And IrisReviews for Book One:
The Curse of The Nightshade

“A tale full of wonder and adventure that puts plants back where they belong: at the center of the human imagination.”
~ David George Haskell. Author of The Songs of Trees and The Forest Unseen. (Finalist for 2013 Pulitzer Prize in General Nonfiction)
“The Curse of the Nightshade: The Kingdom of Plants Book 1, has all the elements of a good adventure. Strong, loveable protagonists, strong but evil antagonists, a fascinating plot and lots of excitement to lead the reader into a garden maze of fun, fear, and action.
Hidden behind this action-packed adventure are some elements of societal and ecological significance. Laurel speaks out with conviction for the importance of plants, for the importance of things that grow in the earth.
A fun adventurous read full of strong, important messages.”
~ Readers’ Favorite (5 Star Review).
“Pure delight! A likeable young heroine, a mother with an odd paranoia, a delightful premise, and the heroine’s very unique “super-powered” talent, create a fascinating novel–not just for middle-grade readers. This is a lovely story combining urban fantasy with serious contemporary issues such as bullying and ostracism.”
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