TKOP – New Facebook Page

I’ve had a few issues with Facebook in the past, both ethical and personal.

The whole Cambridge Analytica issue¬†has left me with a deep distrust of the way Facebook manages itself. I’ve also been in situations where civility in small communities has suffered because of people randomly posting their thoughts about others in their broader social circle.

However… I’ve decided to give it another go, if just for The Kingdom Of Plants. I do recognise that Facebook, when used mindfully, is a great way to connect with others who share similar interests.

Hopefully it will allow me to connect people around the world who have an interest in plants.

Fingers crossed…¬†The Kingdom Of Plants Facebook Page.

Reading: Wundersmith, by Jessica Townsend.
Watching: The Crown, Season One (again).
Listening: The Crimes Of Grindelwald OST, by James Newton-Howard.

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